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 63° meeting GLUGLU 2000

‘‘World Gourmet Whisky Dinner”

Ristorante S. Anna 1907 - via Filippo Turati 3 - Como - Tel 031505266


Un menù ispirato alla cucina internazionale:

Turchia, Indonesia, India,Argentina, Brasile e Francia

Sono le nazioni alle quali ci riporterà  Il Ns. chef Enrico per la gioia degli ospiti da tutto il mondo.


= Le Bottiglie in degustazione =

Malt name









1 HAZELBURN Campbeltown Distillery Second Edition 8




Rare 6.000 Bott.

2 BLAIR ATHOL Highland Distillery Flora & Fauna 12





3 ARDBEG Islay Distillery Perpetuum  




Available 72.000 Bott.

4 TALISKER Island Skye Distillery Storm  





5 AUCHENTOSHAN Lowland Distillery Silveroak 22




Rare 3.600 Bott.

6 ABERLOUR Speyside Distillery A'Bunadh # 49  







Foglia di vite farcita con mousse di melanzana e yogurt -

Vine leaves stuffed with aubergine and yoghurt mousse                       Hazelburn8yo 46%


Calamari al latte di cocco -

Calamari with coconut milk                                                                   Blair Atholl 12 yo 43%


Capasanta al garam masala con risotto speziato -

Garam Masala scallop with spicy risotto                                               Ardbeg Perpetuum 47.4%


Insalata di frutta cuori di palma tonno pinna gialla alla vaniglia -

Fruit salad with palmite and yellow fin tuna with vanilla                     Talisker Storm 45.8%


Asado di punta di petto con chimichurri -

Asado brisket with chimichurri                                                              Auchentoshan Silveroak 22 yo 50.9%


Mousse al cioccolato con frollini all'arancia e pere Martina -

Chocolate mousse with orange shortbread and pears Martina                  Aberlour A'Bunadh 60.1%


=== Tasting Notes ===

- 1 -

Hazelburn 08-year-old

COLOUR: Yellow gold
NOSE: mint, fruity, tobacco, wax, spices, honey and dates , overall a bit sharp
TASTE: waxy, fruity, citrus, spices
FINISH: spices - white pepper, vanilla and liquorice

- 2 -

Blair Athol 12-year-old

COLOUR: Deep copper
NOSE: Tingly on the nose, sherry influence obvious. Sharpness of fresh tropical fruit. Medium sweet with vanilla notes
TASTE: Prickly and very well balanced. This has a lot going on; Oak, vanilla refreshing fruit but also spicy. Chocolate and rich malt, dried oranges, mocha
FINISH: Still a bit tingly, but soon after very sweet and mild. Still fruity, chocolate, deep malt, vanilla. Long and lovely.
A gem in the Flora & Fauna series. A big whisky.


- 3 -

Ardbeg Perpetuum

COLOUR: Pale straw
NOSE: Briny - shells, peat, sharp smoke and ashes. Vanilla, smoked ham, citrus - lemon and spices - pepper and paprika.
TASTE: Peat, smoke, ashes, citrus - lemon, tea and some meat spices.
FINISH: Smoke, fire works, some sulphur and ashes

- 4 -

Talisker Storm

COLOUR: gold.
NOSE: ah! This is obviously different. Different from the regular 10 and, should I add of course, very different from the old CAD. There's a feeling of 'creation', in a way, it's not a typical or traditional Taliskerian profile.
It hasn't got this feeling of sweetness either (what can be found in modern fresh-wood-driven young Islayers from the south shore), I'd even go as far as saying that it could be the mature output of a new, secret distillery, located right between Islay and Skye as far as styles are concerned (not Mull!) All that waffle to tell you that it's rather peatier than Talisker, maybe more akin to Caol Ila, and very coastal, with some sea water and oysters plus, greatest of news, only a little vanilla. Also quite some dried kelp, then brine and even anchovies (do you know Provencal anchoi'ade?). Touches of ginger (from the rejuvenated casks?)
MOUTH: same feeling on the palate, although the fresh-oaky part is a tad louder than in the nose. That translates into rather more ginger and capsicum but not exactly more vanillin, sweet heavens ! Touches of passion fruits, light brine,
then more and more fresh spices, fresh walnuts, bitter almonds and these notes of capsicum again. A growing saltiness as well, beyond brine. Salty oysters.
FINISH: quite long with, quite bizarrely, more sweetness and even fruitiness while in my experience, finishes are usually drier. Peppery and salty aftertaste,very much Talisker

Serge Valentine

- 5 -

Auchentoshan Silveroak

COLOUR: Deep gold
NOSE: Lovely balance on the nose - musty and soft like damson jam, sage and other green herbs.
TASTE: Body is thick and strong like a Mortlach - triple distillation showing through, creamy. Before water the higher strength throws a little fire. Sweeter and jammy again with a little water. Likingthe balance.
FINISH: Finish is middling and dry, nothing new comes through for me: no smoke, slightest bitterness, no rubber notes.

- 6 -

Aberlour A'bunadh batch#49

COLOUR: amber.
NOSE: different again, but rather closer to #47 than #48, that is to say rather fruitier, with more raisins, dried figs, the 'mountain climber's fruit mix', rich muesli... There's always this wee flinty side in the background, and then a mix of corn syrup and maple syrup. No, no ideas as for the proportions. Also cloves and oranges. So yes, it's pretty Christmassy again. With water: as usual, gets meaty, leathery. Ham and moist pipe tobacco. Maybe a little Marmite (I'm sorry).
MOUTH: (neat): excellent, citrusy and peppery. Put a bag of raisins into your mixer. Add half a glass of Cointreau, some ginger, some cloves, some nutmeg, a small cup of 'harsh' coffee (the best robustas), and push the button. To your good health! With water: ah yes this works, with a minerality, some tobacco, 'wild' cigars, Seville oranges, nutmeg (very big), a touch of ginger liqueur (AKA the palate killer when neat)...
FINISH: long, rather thick - goes down like oil - and spicy/orangey.

Serge Valentine

=== The Distilleries ===

SPRINGBANK ( Hazelburn )


Ownership : J&A Mitchell & Co. Ltd.
Established: 1828
Annual Productivity : 750.000 litri
% sold as single malt : 95 %
Blends contributed to : Campbeltown Lock





Ownership : Diageo
Established: 1826
Annual Productivity : 2.800.000 litri
% sold as single malt : 10 %
Blends contributed to : Bell's The Real Mackenzi




Region : ISLAY
Ownership : Moet Hennessy Established: 1815
Annual Productivity : 1.300.000 litri
% sold as single malt : 99 %
Blends contributed to : Black Bottle




Region : ISLANDS ( SKYE )
Ownership : Diageo
Established: 1830
Annual Productivity :2.700.000 litri
% sold as single malt : 10 %
Blends contributed to : Johnnie Walker, White Horse, Isle of Skye.




Ownership : Suntory
Established: 1823
Annual Productivity: 2.000.000 litri
% sold as single malt 95%
Blends contributed to: Rob Roy, Ballantine's




Ownership : Pernod Ricard
Established: 1826
Annual Productivity : 3.800.000 litri
% sold as single malt : 50 %
Blends contributed to : Clan Campbell, King's Ransom, House of Lords.

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