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Malt name









1 LAGAVULIN Islay Vailinch & Mallet South Shore Islay Malt 8





2 LAGAVULIN Islay Distillery Limited ed.200th Ann. 8





3 LAGAVULIN Islay Distillery 16th release 200th Ann. 12





4 LAGAVULIN Islay Distillery Friend of Classic Malt 12




Molto Scarsa

5 LAGAVULIN Islay Distillery   16  




6 LAGAVULIN Islay Distillery The Distillers Edition 16






=== Menù ===




=== Tasting Notes ===

- 1 -

South Shore Islay Malt 2008 Vailinch & Mallet

NEZ: malté et floral au début puis sur l’iode marine et des notes salées. Poivre et notes herbacées ensuite...
BOUCHE: épicée, sur le poivre blanc et la tourbe marine.
FINALE: longue, terreuse et tourbée avec un peu de malt équilibrant la tourbe.

LMDW - Paris



- 2 -


Lagavulin 8 - year-old Limited ed. 200th Ann.

I think it’s very smart that whilst the whisky’s quite young, they have decided to disclose its age, and to go ‘transparent’. That’s true modern luxury if you ask me (relation plus story plus DETAILS), while other, ach, erm, brands are issuing innumerable new NAS bottlings with only stories these days, and are really starting to blur their image and reputation (which are tomorrow’s sales, remember). As always, my humble opinion, and after all, we’re here for the whisky. So…

COLOUR: white wine.
NOSE: precision, that’s the first word that springs to mind. Bandages, cane juice, hay, and marzipan, then seaweed,
oysters, and diesel oil, then ink, mezcal, grist, and wet wool. Plus one blueberry.
MOUTH: this is where it kills the IB. This is much better chiselled, purer, better focused, much more distillate-driven, and sharp. And it’s very ashy, sooty, smoky, you’d almost believe you just ate the ashtray. It surprises me a bit that they didn’t decide on a rounder and sweeter style, but for obvious reasons, I won’t complain. Love this style! It’s actually very dry. Also fresh walnuts. Salted fresh walnuts. Strength and body are perfect.
FINISH: long and austere, on pretty much the same flavours, but drops of orange juice are playing it a little sexier in the aftertaste. Perhaps a little ginger tonic?
COMMENTS: it’s really the words purity and precision that rule here, there’s no make-up, no Botox, no dye, and no silicone. Some pure, totally crystalline Lagavulinity (what?) that makes you want to take the next flight(s) to Islay and to go kiss the Distillery Manager on both cheeks. Huge quality/age ratio. Happy 200th, Lagavulin! Serge Valentine

Serge Valentine




- 3 -


Lagavulin 12 - year-old 16th release

Probably a very large batch. Lagavulin 12 is a kind of Porsche 911 of whisky, everyone loves it, for good reasons.
Yes, fast and reliable. It’s to be noted that this baby is another one that celebrates the distillery’s 200th anniversary.

COLOUR: white wine, so refill wood. No complains.
NOSE: I think it’s even simpler than its predecessors, but that simplicity is exactly what we’re looking for here.
Bauhaus whisky? Peat smoke, tar and burnt rubber, sea spray, artichokes, and Islay mud. With water: exceptionally almondy and waxy, with a perfect tar.
MOUTH (neat): elementary, straight, direct, uncomplicated, and perfect. Bacon, smoked fish, bitter oranges, thyme tea, bitter almonds. I find it seriously drier than last year’s SR, but I haven’t got that one in my hands just now, so please forget about these aimless ramblings. Now, the peat is huge. With water: lemons!
FINISH: very long. How did you like this cigar that you just chewed?
COMMENTS: I don’t know, in a way, this baby’s akin to some young Port Ellens that we could try in the past,
even if there isn’t any feeling of brown coal this time. Do they have a secret programme? Recreating PE at Lagavulin?
And it’s integrally distillate-driven and mature. My preferred way and style. One of the must buys of the year.

Serge Valentine




- 4 -


Lagavulin 19995 Friend of Classic Malt

COLOUR: gold – orange.
NOSE: a punchy Lagavulin, starting very farmy and less sherried than we had thought. It’s rather on incense,
cigar box and leather polish, with whiffs of cow stable and even horse sweat. Develops more on soft spices, ‘red Thai sauce’,curry and cumin, getting back to more Ileach notes after a while, such as peat smoke, dried kelp and seashells.
Also notes of bitter oranges and cinchona. Very big notes of dry sherry come though after a good ten minutes.
MOUTH: sweet and rounded yet rather nervous, maybe less complex than on the nose at first sipping.
Peated orange marmalade (should that exist – you say it does!), smoked tea, toffee, coffee-flavoured fudge,
prunes and Corinth raisins.
FINISH: medium long, candied and smoky at the same time. Hints of dried mushrooms and caramel.
COMMENTS: actually, we’re not extremely far from the regular 16 yo, but this one is a tad thicker and slightly sweeter. It’s very good whisky, even if one may prefer either the sharper Lagavulins, or the (even) heavier ones, such as the 21yo

Serge Valentine




- 5 -

Lagavulin 16 - year-old

I’m following Lagavulin 16 every year, which is actually totally useless, since I always find it very good
(it always strikes 90+ in my book). But we stop at nothing… It’s also the whisky I’m always having when in bars or restaurants. We’ll try to be quick, but this baby usually chats a lot…

COLOUR: dark gold.
NOSE: what the… did it improve? I’m finding it brighter, fresher, a tad fruitier and zestier than usual, with mandarins on top of the leather, tobacco, tar, walnuts, and smoked tea. And salmiak. Immediate pleasures.
MOUTH: same feeling, it’s a little sweeter, perhaps, with touches of oranges, then liquorice, olives, lime, lemon balm,
and just a touch of green pepper. Leather. Some salt starts to play with your lips.
FINISH: pretty long, earthier, with some pu-erh tea, liquorice, and just a touch of some kind of smoked caramel.
Salt and lime in the aftertaste, a bit ‘margarita’.
COMMENTS: faultless as ever. I would go to 90.5, should I be mad enough to do halves

Serge Valentine



- 6 -


Lagavulin 1998 The Distillers Edition

- Another one that I’m always trying to follow -

COLOUR: dark gold.
NOSE: it seems to me that the ‘DE’ got closer to the ‘16’ in style, with maybe a little less wine influence, and a general profile that would rather be on ‘the 16 plus oranges and a touch of maple syrup’. So it’s marginally more aromatic and rounder than the 16… Although, I have to say that after a few minutes, there’s rather more Havana tobacco and hay/farmyard that are coming through. But globally, as I had noticed with the 1997/2013, this baby rather got cleaner and straighter. Not that there’s anything to complain about, mind you.
MOUTH: maybe a touch of gingery oak in the arrival, then this maelstrom of all things from the sea plus tobacco and bitter oranges. Some bitter chocolate too, a drop of crème de menthe and liquid tar, then herbal teas and more tobacco. Little sweetness from the PX, which is great. The body’s not huge.
FINISH: long, appropriately bitter and tobacco-ish, with drops of seawater in the aftertaste. Plus pepper, quite a lot of it.
COMMENTS: very, very lovely dram, but this time, I’ve enjoyed the straighter side of the 16 a little better.
That didn’t happen every year.

Serge Valentine



La distilleria Lagavulin


Sicuramente il più ‘ raffinato, rotondo ed elegante’dei mostri sacri di Islay. Non è il più torbato di tutti:con 16 ppm è sicuramente dietro a Laphroaig ed Ardbeg ma il suo tipico retrogusto di ‘falò e liquirizia ‘ lo rende veramente unico. Se questa è una delle caratteristiche che più vi entusiasma, datevi da fare per reperire in giro per l’Europa ( specialmente Spagna e Portogallo ) una delle versioni 12 anni (etichetta bianca White Horse ) risalenti agli anni ’70-’80 :decisamente più ruvido delle versioni attuali ma più genuino, robusto ed inimitabile.Questa sera passiamo in rassegna tutta la gamma oggi disponibile sul mercato. Oltre a queste versioni ufficiali ricordiamo alcune strepitose edizioni speciali
tutte cask strength : 25 YO edizione 2002, 30YO ed. 2006 , 21 YO ed. 2007 ( THE TOP ), 21 YO ed. 2012, 37YO ed. 2013,25YO ed. 2016 anche essa celebrativa del 200° anniversario della fondazione della distilleria.Circa gli imbottigliamenti privati, oltre a quello che degustiamo, il mercato, ahimè , offre molto, molto poco.


Proprietario distilleria : Diageo
Fondazione : 1816
Produttività annua : 2.450.000 litri
% venduta come single malt : 90 %
Presente nei blended : White Horse.
Distillery Manager : Georgie Crawford

Glen Maur Cernobbio 23-02-2017




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