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 69° meeting GLUGLU 2000

‘‘ Tutto sotto vetro ’’ ( non solo il Whisky )

JARIT flagship store

Piazza Santo Stefano,10  MILANO ( a due passi dal Duomo ) Tel .  02 5830916


In centro a Milano, a due passi dal Duomo,una nuova esperienza gastronomica per gustare raffinate pietanze preparate da esperti chef italiani.E se nei vasetti sottovuoto troveremo le migliori materie prime, il nettare scozzese all’interno delle bottiglie provenienti dalla distilleria Talisker saprà sicuramente soddisfare il nostro esigente palato. Quale miglior occasione per scambiarci gli auguri di Natale !


= Le Bottiglie in degustazione =

1                              2                              3                              4



Malt name









1 TALISKER Island Distillery Port Ruighe  





2 TALISKER Island Distillery 175° Anniversary  




 Scarsa 60.000 bott.

3 TALISKER Island Distillery Distillers Edition  





4 TALISKER Island Distillery   30




Scarsissima 5.000 bott.

=== Aperitivo a buffet ===


Parmigiano a scaglia - Salame felino - Grissini caserecci - Tome fresche e stagionate, confetture
Riso venere, pinoli, uvette e pomodoro secco - Panini aromatizzati - Crostini con fegatini alla toscana

- TALISKER Port Ruighe -

=== Menù ===

Crema di Zucca, topinambur,chiodini alla nepitella, olio alla pancetta affumicata - TALISKER 175' Anniversary
Tonno del chianti con fagioli cannellini di sorana e profumo di tartufo bianco, pane alle olive -
Panettone di Milano, salsa al mascarpone                                                             


=== Tasting Notes ===

 - 1 -


Talisker Port Ruighe

This brand new one was finished in Port casks (l've read it's ruby Port). The distinguished owners state that 'Pori Ruighe is a combination of spirit that has been matured in American Oak and European Oak refill casks in the traditional manner along with spirit that has been filled into specially conditioned deeply charred casks. The spirit is then finished ln casks that have previously held Port Wine What a recipe!

COLOUR: apricot.
NOSE: I think that just like at many other distilleries, the combination of peaty whisky with red wine is a very tricky one, and that balance is extremely hard to achieve. The result is quick to become too leathery, or too farmy, or rubbery, or too bubblegummy, or simply dissonant or dirty-ish. l'm not saying that's completely the case here. After fifteen minutes, some nicer chocolaty notes come through.
MOUTH: how difficult to assess! l've never come across something that was that cask-influenced at Diageo's (right, I haven't tried everything of course). lt's an extremely bizarre whisky, at times liqueury, at times very orangey, at times hugely gingery (not to mention all the cardamom!)... Some parts are interesting or even nice (this peppery lemon) but others are, well, new to me. Between red pepper and... chilliand tomato sauce? Peppered honey? Cherry stem tea? Rubber bands? Chervil? Tarragon infused in curagao ? l'm compleeeeeetely lost here-
FINISH: long, quite acrid and green.

Serge Valentine



 - 2 -


Talisker 175° Anniversary

COLOUR: gold.
NOSE: extremely fresh at first nosing, on sea air and light toffee. No punch-in-youface smells this time, but lots of smoothness and, dare I say, delicacy. The peat smoke is well here but it's somewhat distant, while these coastal and 'caramelly' notes develop together. Then it gets also quite fruity, with some plum jam, quince jelly and very ripe apricots. Hints of apple skins, cider and even some white wine. Less peat and pepper, and more fruit seems to have been the motto when they composed this new Talisker that makes me think of the Caol lla .19 yo OB.
MOUTH: smooth, sweet and peppery (here we go) at the same time, with again these enjoyable citrusy notes (sugared lemon juice, tangerines"..). some peat but not too much, tea, herbal tea, a little liquorice and just hints of toffee, with also some passion fruit.Medium long finish, very enjoyable and with no burn whatsoever. very, very smooth and balanced but not lacking oomph, this one might be the ieminine version of Talisker. Extremely quaffable just like that (warning, danger!)

Serge Valentine

 - 3 -


Talisker Distillers Edition1991

COLOUR: fuligold.
NOSE: it's always quite noticeable that the 'DEs' do let the original distillery's character shine through (right, maybe not Glenkinchie's...), which is the case once again with this Talisker. We get a lot of leather, shoe polish, soot, fresh walnuts, freshly ground pepper, peat, new rubber boots (just hints) and seawater, then an added layer of chocolate and orange jam (maybe Pimms No. 1) that work we[L More coastat notes (oysters, oyster sauce) and even more leathery tones after a while.
MOUTH: big, extremely crearny and zesty at the same time, with a lot of pepper {they must be throwing ground black pepper into the casks at some point!) and a lot of peat combined with orange marmalade and lemon blossom honey. Very rich, almost thick, evolving towards eloves and more orange, the sherry as such being rather discreeteven if ttris is thricker and sort of fatter than the average Talisker. Gets r-naybe iust a tad sugary (orange drops) butthe pepper keeps it balanced. And there's more and more dark chocolate...
FINISH: long. Ever tried peppered chocolate filled with orange marmalade?

COMMENTS: maybe the sherry finishing was aimed at making a smoother version of Talisker, but like we already checked with other batches, that failed miserably

Serge Valentine



 - 4 -


Talisker 30 Year Old Ed. 2008

COLOUR: gold.
NOSE: extremely dry, and extremely austere at first nosing, almost Jansenist if I may say so. Rocks, clay, earth (or even mud), coal, tar, leaves, putty, soot... lt's only after a good ten minutes that more bitter orange and fresh walnut notes do show up, but the whole never quite becomes fruity. There's also more medicinal notes, disinfectant... And then the expected pepper. With water: more'coastality'. Oysters and lemon.
MOUTH: (neat): big, earthy, leafy, rooty and peaty attack, with quite some brine underneath. Very dry yet again, sharp, very austere, but I love this. With water: more medicinal, lslay-style. More sea stuff as well (to keep all this as short as possible).
FINISH: maybe not very long but ashier. Also a little olive oì1, with something tannic? Also temons, salt, pepper, oysters....

COMMENTS: I know my descriptions may not sound very sexy, but actually, I adore this kind of whisky, which I find supremely elegant and so anti-commercial, whatever that means. Joni Mitchell vs. Britney Spears...hem, forget about that.

Serge Valentine

La distilleria Talisker


Foto Glu Glu 2000 Aprile 2012

LAT 57 17.90 N. LONG 6 21.50 W
Dall'unica distilleria dell'isola di Skye arriva questo portentoso malto che sicuramente avrà già fatto, molti prigionieri tra noi. Come resistere alle sue note così in contrasto eppur così ben amalgamate di pepe. torba, salsedine. legno, erica" sherry e spezie ??? L'acqua ricca di minerali delle sorgenti sulla 'collina del falco. che alimentano la distilleria, attraversa l'erica e la torba e questo sicuramente contribuisce al robusto carattere dei whisky. che invecchia in botti di quercia americana ex bourbon e in alcune grosse ,butt, di sherry oloroso europeo utilizzate per il Dist.Edition Sono attualmente disponibili sul mercato molte nuove versioni tra cui Storm, Dark Storm,Skye e Port Ruighe : 1'aperitivo di stasera. Il 175" anniversary è stata una edizione veramente spettacolare .. . vedremo !! Tra le preziose edizioni di 30 anni di invecchiamento a gradazione di botte (imbottigliamenti limitati a 6.000 - 15.000 bottiglie ) quella che degusteremo oggi e' la terza edizione risalente al 2008. Molto rari gli imbottigliamenti privati.

Region: ISLANDS ( SKYE )
Ownership :
Annual Productivity :
2.700.000 litri
% sold as single malt :
l0 %
Blends contributed to :
Johnnie Walker. White Horse. Isle of Skye.

 Glen Maur Milano 15/12/2016



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